Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Secret Garden

*Screams* I guess I always do this when I've read or watched something which I think is beyond amazing. I have to admit that I really liked this drama since it's funny and sweet... definitely a must-watch... Hyun Bin is so good-looking too that he sparkles! Haha. I really love his 'crazy track suit guy' character... so funny but cool. I also think that Ha Ji Won's character was cool especially in the first episode with the tattoo and all because she's a stunt woman and so she's got some pretty neat action skills too. Secret Garden is about two people getting their souls switched which makes it interesting and all the more fun. My favorite character is Sun even though he's gay... he's just too  cute... and I so love his hair! The only thing I hate in this drama is Hyun Bin's annoying mother who is the villain of the story. I was very much satisfied with the very  good ending though and I guess this drama will always be one of my favorites. I also think that it's a reverse harem because the main girl is attached to three guys and surrounded by her action school crew full of boys. 

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