Friday, April 1, 2011

U-kiss Vampire

Just finished watching this last night... I can't get enough of U-kiss!! After watching their variety show called U-kiss Vampire with 10 episodes which is about the members' different blood types, I came to like them more... definitely worth my time. Eli looks like a real vampire in the picture above XD so hot. My favorite members are Dong Ho, Eli and Ki Seop... U-kiss is my 6th favorite kpop band. I just bought their album and I enjoyed listening to their songs. I can't seem to understand why they're not that popular in Korea because these guys are really funny and hot! I'm so regretting not being able to see them when they went to my country... T-T Anyways, Soo Hyun & Ki Seop are blood type A, Dong Ho is the same as me... B and he's the only one who's B because the rest are O. The O brothers, Eli, Kevin, Kibum & Alexander are really fun. I became an immediate fan of Ki Seop when I saw this organized side of him... so cute! He's the quiet type like me so I just fell in love. Dong Ho and I are a lot similar when it comes to having no care at all & ignoring things that does not interest us.

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