Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

I'm finally finished with this... and I guess it was great... it's a good thing that I never got bored and stopped half way which means the plot is pretty good. My favorite character is Park Dong Joo, a hot VETerinarian who is half human and half monster hunter so he's like immortal too like a gumiho. I felt bad for him in the end though but it turns out he's a really good guy who is willing to let go of the one he loves as long as she's happy... gosh, why do they make the 'other guy' in this drama look so damn perfect yet he never gets the girl anyway. I've seen a lot of dramas with love triangles and I always find myself rooting for the 'other guy' that the main girl doesn't choose... which makes me disappointed most of the time. The 'Du-bi-du-bi-du rappa' song got stuck in my head and I think it's pretty cute... the title turns out to be 'Fox Rain' by Lee Sun Hee which reminds me of a historical drama. Oh, it's a must-watch drama alright.

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