Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My first time watching a Thai movie... such a good one... Mario Maurer is just too hot!! I also find Fern pretty so they kinda make a cute couple. Damn, I even cried at the swimming pool part... it's been years since I've last cried because of a movie. It's based on a true story so my rating is 5/5 and I just love how sweet Shone can be to Nam... it's definitely worth the watch. Oh, and it's about an ugly-duckling girl named Nam (Fern) who was inspired to become beautiful because of her crush, Shone (Mario). So the girl's like a nerd and the guy's a hot photographer and a soccer player at the same time so what more could you ask for?? Anyways, thanks to Joshmi and Roslyn's recommendation... Haha...

1 comment:

    dah! I told u... my boyfriend is hot lge! by the way, nka hilak xad ko ka2ng part na gi butang ni Mario ang notebook sa door ni Fern. haha!