Friday, February 25, 2011


*Screams* This has got to be the most awesome thing I've ever read since I've read something just as brilliant as this... Also because it's a reverse harem and I'm reverse harem shipper so it kinda makes sense that I find this manga 100% perfect for me XD I  ship all of the three guys for Rui but if I were to choose a favorite for her among the three, it would be her sadist fiance... haha. Still, the two other guys are hot as well but I like Rui and Natori's chemistry... with the cute quarrels and all. I also find Rui's dad hot... even though he's an evil gigolo. My favorite character is Rio because first of all, he's a pretty white-haired dude and second, he's obsessed with computers. A also like Azumi as well because he's cool... okay maybe I like all of them after all. I still haven't read Volume 4 though so I'm a bit upset because I hate cliff-hangers. CY-Believers is a romantic school comedy with a bit of robots & computer love <3

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