Monday, June 6, 2011

Absolute Boyfriend

Also known as Zettai Kareshi... with 11 episodes. I think that the casts of this drama were all great and good-looking. A lot of people have been complaining that the drama did not exceed the manga since I heard people say stuff that the manga was way better. I haven't read the manga yet but I think that the drama was okay except there were a lot of changes like in the manga they were supposed to be studying in school yet the drama is showing a working type of setting. Still, I was pretty much satisfied because I really like Mizushima Hiro and Hayami Mokomichi!! I also find Aibu Saki (the main girl) cute especially when she smiles because of her dimples. The ending almost made me sob but then I remembered that I promised myself not to cry over some drama because it would definitely be hard for me to get over it later on or in the future. Anyways, the story is about a girl named Izawa Riko (Aibu Saki) who always get dumped by guys and so one day, she met a guy named Namikiri who is a scientist who is currently developing a robot-lover which means a robot designed to love and nothing else... and this is all where her unique love story begins! 

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