Saturday, May 21, 2011

Houkago Kiss

This is a collection of not one but three great one-shots. My favorite story out of the three is 'Making An Angel' because the guy is super hot although I think that every guy on each one-shot are all pretty hot already but if I were really to choose one, I think I'd pick Arashi from 'Making An Angel'... the girl's pretty too... Anyways, I had a hard time picking out my favorite one out of the three stories namely, Houkago Kiss a.k.a After School Kiss, Making An Angel and lastly, Lock On To Mr. Prince and that's why I love Shiiba Nana. The first story is about a bet, the second one is about a devilish guy with the looks of an angel and the third one is about the smartest guy and the stupidest girl... end of summary.

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